ArchIntel Introduces Human Sentiment-tagging Features

TYSONS CORNER, VA, March 20, 2018 – ArchIntel Daily Intelligence, a provider of concise actionable intelligence to business leaders, today announced that it has implemented sentiment-tagging to the business and competitive intelligence that it provides to clients every day.

Customer-dedicated Human Intelligence teams analyze the tone of each piece of news gathered via ArchIntel’s unique research processes and then tag the articles with a sentiment of either positive, neutral or negative. The sentiment-tags are displayed in both the Daily Intelligence Brief and the Interactive Archive. Furthermore, users are able to filter stories on the Interactive Archive by sentiment, allowing them to look up all positive, neutral or negative stories relating to their customers, competitors, industry news and social media.

“ArchIntel is excited to introduce the sentiment-tagging functionalities to our customers,” said ArchIntel President and Founder Jim Garrettson. “By adding these features to the ArchIntel platform, we are providing a significant advantage over autonomous news gathering methods, as bots struggle to accurately assess the tone and sentiment of any given piece of writing. By utilizing customer-dedicated Human Intelligence teams, ArchIntel is able to deliver accurate sentiment-tagging on the business and competitive intelligence it delivers every day.”

About ArchIntel: ArchIntel provides business leaders with customized, actionable daily intelligence and situational awareness about their competitors, customers and partners delivered in concise newsletter format by email at 6 a.m. and online at By leveraging highly-customized search engines crafted to the precise specifications of each ArchIntel customer, a human intelligence team of account-dedicated researchers, writers and editors construct daily briefings that identify critical information for executives. ArchIntel researchers leverage proactive sourcing to deliver highly-customized daily intelligence reports. While traditional open-source intelligence providers rely upon mainstream media, social media platforms, customer-specialized public domains and private resources, ArchIntel researchers take it a step further to leverage untraditional sources of actionable intelligence. This includes patent and trademarks, human capital movement, site-specific reporting and customizable manual searches. ArchIntel houses all daily intelligence briefings in private, secured interactive archives with user-friendly features. ArchIntel Daily Intelligence Brief subscribers can utilize the interactive archive to collaborate around all sourced intelligence. ArchIntel serves as a competitive intelligence library and a business and corporate development tool. ArchIntel is part of a larger network that reaches over 150,000 daily subscribers; half of ArchIntel’s customers are leaders of Fortune 1000 companies. To request a complimentary customized Daily Intelligence Briefing, please visit or call 703-226-7009.

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