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ArchIntel Sponsors the Potomac Officers Club Space Summit

TYSONS CORNER, VA, OCTOBER 31, 2017 - ArchIntel, a provider of concise actionable intelligence to leaders in business, sponsored the recent Potomac Officers Club event featuring the keynote speaker the Hon. Heather Wilson — Secretary of U.S. Air Force and principal DOD Space advisor of U.S. Air Force.

ArchIntel was a platinum-level sponsor for the Potomac Officers Club Space: Innovations, Programs & Policies Summit, held on October 18th at the Tysons Corner Ritz-Carlton.

The event also included a number of other important keynoters and panelists:

  • Robert Lightfoot, Acting Administrator of National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA)
  • Gen. David D. Thompson, Vice Commander, Air Force Space Command of U.S. Air Force
  • George Nield, Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation (AST), Federal Aviation Administration of U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • William Bailey, Deputy Director of the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office of U.S. Air Force
  • Jim Martin, Director, NRO Survivability Assurance Office and Defense Technical Executive of National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)
  • Brig Gen Mark Baird, Director, Space Programs, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Acquisition of U.S. Air Force
  • Matt Cummings, Senior Advisor for MASINT, GEOINT, and Special Programs at Office of the Secretary of Defense of U.S. Department of Defense (DOD)

Topics explored included: how the U.S. can retain its position as a dominant force in the space domain, the importance of the U.S. military maintaining and adapting its multi-domain capabilities, the establishment of the Space Warfighting Construct and how collaboration with industry can help to ensure that the U.S. continues to be a dominant power in space.

“ArchIntel is thrilled to be a platinum sponsor for the Potomac Officers Club Space: Innovations, Programs & Policies Summit, especially alongside high-caliber companies like Northrop Grumman, Accenture and ACT I,” said Jim Garrettson, President and Founder of ArchIntel. “By sponsoring the Summit, ArchIntel is further reaffirming its commitment to serving the government contracting community.

About ArchIntel:

ArchIntel is a private intelligence provider that offers business leaders concise, actionable intelligence that gives them a strong competitive advantage. Customers receive Daily Intelligence Briefings (DIB) both by email each morning by 6 a.m. and online at www.archintel.com. ArchIntel delivers highly customized Daily Competitive Intelligence to organizations, similar to competitors such as Bulletin Intelligence, by Cision. Each briefing is built specifically to provide intimate knowledge of a company, its customers, competitors, collaborators and the climate in which they are doing business. Information is gathered and analyzed by human staff – not exclusively by bots or algorithms. We track, analyze, summarize and hyperlink to news from mainstream media, industry reports, social media platforms, and customer specialized public domain and private resources. Customers have easy access to a massive, customized cloud-based corporate library of articles on a wide range of topics. We also “white label” the DIB, enabling our customers to provide it to their constituents as a value-added service. ArchIntel is part of a larger network that reaches over 150,000 daily subscribers; half of ArchIntel’s customers are leaders of Fortune 1000 companies. For a sample Daily Intelligence Briefing and to get more information visit www.archintel.com or call 703-226-7009.

About the Potomac Officers Club:

The Potomac Officers Club (POC) is a membership Organization focused on executives within Government and the Government Contracting (GovCon) community. POC is dedicated to weaving an executive level fabric for the benefit of this community. POC provides an opportunity to learn from peer business executives and government thought leaders, while creating an outstanding forum to develop key business and partnering relationships. Government officials are able to hear collectively from the leadership of the companies that provide their mission critical services, and report that the POC is the perfect forum to engage in meaningful dialogue on current issues. The Potomac Officers Club (POC) is an executive-only Organization whose 1,600+ members collectively manage $75 billion in government contracting. Service providers and the professional networking crowd are excluded. Participants join to hear headline speakers cover headline topics. They find great value in building their credibility and becoming known among their peer group.

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