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State Dept OKs $140M Sale of Raytheon Seasparrow Missiles & Services to Chile

MissileDefenseThe State Department has approved Chile’s request to acquire $140.1 million in Raytheon (NYSE:RTN)-manufactured Evolved Seasparrow Missiles and related services from the U.S. government under a foreign military sales agreement between both countries.

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency said Tuesday Raytheon, BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT) will serve as principal contractors in the transaction that covers 33 ESSMs, six Evolved Seasparrow Telemetry Missiles and three MK 41 Vertical Launching Systems.

DSCA noted the sale will also include 10 MK25 Quad Pack Canisters, five ESSM shipping containers, five MK-73 Continuous Wave Illumination Transmitters and an Inertial Missile Initializer Power Supply along with spare and repair parts, support and test equipment.

Raytheon secured a potential $197.3 million contract in July for deliveries of ESSMs to the U.S. Navy and other allied governments.

The agency added the potential sale will look to promote interoperability between Chilean and U.S. forces and contribute to mutual foreign policy and national security goals.

DSCA also said the agreement will help update air defense features on Chile’s Type 23 frigate ships and support the country’s missions to deter regional threats and bolster homeland defense.

Raytheon developed the ESSM for an international collaborative effort that worked to update the RIM-7 Seasparrow Missile and create a system to defend against high-speed, anti-ship missiles in the naval environment.

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