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Foreign Sales for Raytheon Thermal Imaging Devices Reach $75M; Jeff Miller Comments

Raytheon logoRaytheon has won more than $75 million in foreign military sales contracts during the past year for thermal imaging devices used to identify threats during combat operations.

PhantomIRxr bioculars, thermal weapon sights and driver’s vision enhancer weapon sights work to help troops detect targets through smoke, fog or darkness, Raytheon said Tuesday.

Jeff Miller, vice president of combat and sensing systems for Raytheon’s missile systems business, said the company will provide international PhantomIRxr customers spare parts and maintenance services during the next decade.

He added that the ability to operate in complete darkness enables soldiers to use the system in varying battlefield conditions.

The thermal device also contains driver’s vision enhancer technology designed to provide 24-hour maneuvering for wheeled or tracked vehicles in battlefield fog and haze, Raytheon said.

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