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Paul Cofoni Talks Cyber: ‘It’s a Hard Sell’

CACI (NYSE: CACI) President and CEO Paul Cofoni sees cyber threats on three levels: cyber theft, third-party nation threat, and the cyber-terrorist threat.

There will be a focus of resources on these areas, Cofoni told CNBC’s “Fast Money”.

When asked about the reason companies invest in protecting themselves against cyber threats, Confoni said, “It’s a hard sell, because you’re not adding new function to the business; you’re simply protecting what exists today.”

Cyber protection is essential to avoid a catastrophe, noting the attention being paid to the market in recent months.

“Financial institutions, all of the critical infrastructures of our nation, the utilities have a keen focus in this area, ” he said. “Government of course, the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Agency have a keen focus. A cyber command has been formed up here in Washington, and I think it’s getting a lot of emphasis right now.”

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