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State Dept OKs Potential $1B Sale of Paveway Bombs, Guidance Kits to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has asked to buy $1.29 billion in air-to-ground munitions and associated equipment and support from the U.S. government under a foreign military sales agreement approved by the State Department. The U.S. and Saudi Arabia will select a prime contractor for the sale through a competitive process, the Defense Security Cooperation …

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State Dept OKs $2B Bomb Guidance Kit Sale to Israel

The State Department has cleared a potential $1.879 billion foreign military sale of Boeing-built (NYSE: BA) Joint Direct Attack Munition tail kits and related equipment, parts and logistics services to Israel. Israel ordered 14, 500 KMU-556C/B JDAM kits with GBU-39, BLU-113 and Mk-80 series bombs, Hellfire and Advanced Medium Range …

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Boeing Wins $126M to Provide Air Force Guided Missile Kits

The U.S. Air Force has awarded Boeing co. (NYSE: BA) a $126 million contract to provide 5, 000 joint direct attack munition tail kits, the company announced Monday. Boeing previously won an $88 million Air Force contract for around 3, 500 JDAM kits in January 2011 and a $92 million …

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