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State Dept OKs Potential $1B Sale of Paveway Bombs, Guidance Kits to Saudi Arabia

NavyRocketSaudi Arabia has asked to buy $1.29 billion in air-to-ground munitions and associated equipment and support from the U.S. government under a foreign military sales agreement approved by the State Department.

The U.S. and Saudi Arabia will select a prime contractor for the sale through a competitive process, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency said Monday.

The order includes Paveway II and III bombs, Enhanced Paveway dual-mode GPS precision munitions, Joint Direct Attack Munition tail kits, penetrator warheads, fuzes, adaptors, nose plugs, fusing mechanisms, swivels and support links.

A selected contractor will also provide technical manuals, engineering, training, special airlift support, program management and administrative services to Saudi Arabia.

DSCA notified Congress of the FMS deal Friday and said that Saudi Arabia’s military will use the munition systems in counterterrorism and tactical missions against adversaries.

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