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VIDEO: Boeing Tests Starliners Seats

As Boeing continues to work toward launches of the CST-100 Starliner in 2018, teams tested the spacecrafts seats in a lab to ensure astronauts will land safely on dry land after the Starliner returns to Earth.

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VIDEO: Airborne-Unmanned 05.30.17: Wynne Testifies, Drone Av FUSE, Camcopter S-100

On May 23rd, Wynne told Congress that for UAS to continue to be integrated into the airspace — and become a normal part of society — it will take a team effort between the FAA, the government, and industry to make sure that these systems operate in a safe and …

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VIDEO: Tactical Augmented Reality

Tactical Augmented Reality provides sensor imagery with integrated mapping, navigation and 3D surface models for greatly enhanced operational maneuver and fires. This capability increases the Soldier’s ability to maneuver the battlefield and enhances survivability in dangerous operations.

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VIDEO: Experimental Spaceplane (XS-1) Phase 2/3 Concept Video

DARPA has selected The Boeing Company to complete advanced design work for the Agency’s Experimental Spaceplane (XS-1) program, which aims to build and fly the first of an entirely new class of hypersonic aircraft that would bolster national security by providing short-notice, low-cost access to space. The program aims to …

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VIDEO: The Drone Swarm

The Defense Department successfully demonstrated one of the world’s largest micro-drone swarms at China Lake, Calif., in October. The micro-drones demonstrated advanced swarm behaviors such as collective decision-making, adaptive formation flying and self-healing.

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VIDEO: Lockheed Martin Conducts First Underwater Unmanned Aircraft Launch from Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

Lockheed Martin successfully launches Vector Hawk, a small, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), on command from the Marlin MK2 autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) during a cross-domain command and control event hosted by the U.S. Navy. In addition to Marlin and Vector Hawk, the Submaran, an unmanned surface vehicle (USV) developed by …

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