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Dcode’s Venture Capital Arm Aiming to Help Bring Geospatial, Data Mastering Platforms to Federal Market

The venture capital arm of Washington, D.C.-based technology accelerator Dcode has invested in two startups to help both companies commercialize their software platforms for the federal government.

Dcode Capital participated in a Series B financing round that brought in $25 million for UrbanFootprint and took part in a separate funding activity for Tamr, the investment company said Tuesday.

UrbanFootprint is a Berkeley, California-headquartered developer of web-based geospatial software designed to help users visualize data for urban, environmental and socio-economic planning efforts.

Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Tamr built a cloud-native platform that employs machine learning and seeks to consolidate enterprise data into a single source.

Dcode said it has supported market growth initiatives at more than 100 venture-backed technology companies since 2016.

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