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VIDEO: Video Journal – Experiencing “Mars” through HI-SEAS

Want to learn more about life on a simulated Mars mission? Hear from Josh Ehrlich – a Lockheed Martin engineer on the Orion spacecraft who traded in tech for a trowel as the resident botanist of the fifth Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) study. The video journal was …

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VIDEO: The Importance of Aircraft Carriers

Aircraft Carrier Suppliers are on Capitol Hill in Washington DC talking to their Congressman about the importance of Aircraft Carriers. It’s a message President Trump brought to Newport News Shipbuilding on March 2. Our suppliers and our shipbuilders are working together to build the greatest ships in the world for …

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VIDEO: Mars Base Camp

At no other time in history have we had the technology, the know-how, and the public enthusiasm to get humans to Mars. Orion is NASA’s spaceship that will take humans into deep space, but it needs to be a part of a larger system to go to Mars. Lockheed Martin’s …

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VIDEO: MV-22 Osprey | Unlike Any Aircraft

The MV-22 Osprey has become the cornerstone of our Corps’ assault support capability, with the speed, endurance, and survivability needed to fight and win on tomorrow’s battlefield. This combat multiplier represents a quantum improvement in strategic mobility and tactical flexibility for expeditionary forces. MV-22 Osprey utilizes tiltrotor technology to combine …

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VIDEO: ATHENA Laser Weapon System Defeats Unmanned Aerial Systems

The Lockheed Martin Advanced Test High Energy Asset (ATHENA) prototype laser weapon system proved that an advanced system of sensors, software and specialized optics can deliver decisive lethality against unmanned aerial vehicle threats. In tests conducted at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, ATHENA destroyed five Outlaw unmanned aerial …

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