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EDB’s Jeremy Wilson: Open Source Database Could Drive Federal Digital Transformation

Jeremy Wilson, chief technology officer for the North America public sector at EnterpriseDB, said government agencies pursuing digital transformation efforts driven by the need to process large volumes of data should consider adopting an open source database.

Wilson wrote that there are a number of factors agencies should consider as they migrate to open source databases and one is having a clear understanding of the objectives and business case for open source implementation.

“Agencies also need to decide how the database should function and what it should do to support their digital transformation,” he noted.

He said agencies should explore various options to select the optimal process for database deployment efforts, create a team of in-house and third-party professionals to help with the migration and develop a strategy to ensure business continuity and address downtime as data moves to the new system.

He talked about Postgres and how this open source database could benefit agencies.

Wilson urged agencies to come up with a backup and recovery plan to help ensure database security and discussed how open source databases like EDB Postgres could provide organizations visibility into their data and additional support and testing for maintenance while complying with federal standards for information security.

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