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Lockheed Martin government contracts

Top 10 Lockheed Government Contracts

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Lockheed Martin is an established global security and aerospace company with its headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland. Lockheed Martin employs about 114,000 people worldwide and focuses on researching, designing, developing, manufacturing, integrating, and maintaining high-tech systems, products, and services.

Lockheed Martin’s mission is to help its customers keep their people safe by solving complex problems and advancing scientific discoveries.

Lockheed Martin has four primary areas:


Lockheed Martin’s aeronautics would generate $26.7 billion of revenue in 2021, including the sale of military aircraft and airlift and sustainment. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics’ mission is to transform flight by delivering groundbreaking capabilities and landmark planes continually.

Missiles and Fire Control

The Terminal High Altitude Area Defense or THAAD System and the PAC-3 Missiles are only two high-profile programs in Missiles and Fire Control, expected to generate around $11.7 billion in revenue by 2021.

Green power projects for the military and civil nuclear industries are both served by MFC’s equipment and services. The military relies on MFC to supply them with equipment and services.

Rotary and Mission Systems

Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems (RMS) has an estimated $16.8 billion in 2021 sales, including Sikorsky helicopters, marine systems, radar, command, and control.

Rotary and Mission Systems at Lockheed Martin are responsible for designing and developing a mission-focused rotorcraft and a wide range of sensors, radars, command and control, war simulation, and training systems.


NASA’s commercial and government satellite development, strategic missiles, mission solutions, and deep space exploration businesses can bring in $11.8 billion in 2021 sales. Lockheed Martin’s solutions boost global communications, weather monitoring, space exploration, and national security.

What government contracts does Lockheed Martin have?

Lockheed Martin is the leading government contractor. Here are several Lockheed Martin federal government contracts.

F-35 contract with Pentagon

Unnamed allies will receive a new version of the F-35 Stealth Jet from Lockheed Martin. Unidentified third-country customers have awarded a nearly $50 million contract to Lockheed Martin to provide engineering assistance for an F-35 Joint Strike Fighter variant.

The Pentagon announced an 8 percent reduction in flight costs on Monday when it awarded Lockheed Martin a contract worth up to $6.6 billion for maintaining the F-35 joint strike fighter through fiscal years 2021-2023.

F-35 air system sustainment for the U.S. and international customers will be funded through FY21, with options to extend the contract’s total value up to $6.6 billion in FY22 and FY23.

GSA Schedules

GSA Schedule is a lengthy contract with a private company that provides government agencies with low pricing and easy access to millions of products and services.

Below is a list of GSA Schedules contract vehicles through which customers can obtain Lockheed Martin’s services.

  • GSA OASIS – It is a five-year, indefinite-quantity, indefinite-delivery contract for the supply of engineering and logistics and financial and scientific consultancy services. Lockheed’s outstanding services are now available to all federal departments through OASIS.
  • GSA Schedule 36: The Office Imaging and Document Solution – The Office Imaging Schedule provides a more straightforward approach to managing daily office operations and documents. Needs assessments and analysis lead to customized solutions for each organization and region.
  • GSA Schedule 70: Information Technology Services – The I.T. Schedule offers federal, state, and local governments expertise in software engineering, systems engineering, design, and integration, enterprise systems and system management, complex information management systems, and management and information systems. Lockheed Martin supplies integrated solutions using commercial hardware and software. This contract includes ARRA, Disaster Recovery, and Cooperative Purchasing.
  • GSA Schedule 520: Financial and Business Solutions (FABS) – The FABS schedule delivers financial management and accounting services to federal agencies in an easy-to-use manner.
  • GSA Schedule 541: Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS) – The AIMS schedule allows companies to use various communications services. Some examples include public service announcements, press and public relations, video and film productions, trade shows, and exhibits.

Advanced Technology Support Program (ATSP)

ATSP is a government-wide contracting mechanism that provides convenient access to Lockheed Martin’s recourses. ATSP is under the Defense Microelectronics Activity in Sacramento, CA, and is accessible to all federal and state agencies.

ATSP covers investigations, analysis, development, and limited manufacturing. ATSP also uses forward pricing rate agreements which decreases the cost of bid-and-proposal activities and speeds up contract awards.

H.R. and Equal Competition Rules

H.R. and Equal Competition Rules assist in the planning and recruitment. It includes position categorization, personnel actions, training, employee relations, outplacement, and worker’s compensation functions.

All contracts are open to eligible bidders, and partiality is prohibited in every transaction. To do business with the government, a company must choose its providers ethically, honestly, and competently.

ID/IQ Contract

This contract form helps when GSA can’t estimate the government’s needs during the contract time.

ID/IQ government contracts are primarily for services and architecture.

Lockheed Martin strives to provide breakthrough tech at a faster speed and cheaper cost. The latest ID/IQ contract with the U.S. Department of Defense can achieve that with fixed-wing sensor capabilities.

C-130J Super Hercules Multiyear II Contract

Air Force Life Cycle Management Center’s Mobility Directorate approved a multi-year contract with Lockheed Martin to procure 78 C-130J Super Hercules.

There will be a savings of $680 million for the Department of Defense due to this multi-year arrangement and the addition of critical airlift capabilities for the Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard.

This contract allows its customers, including the Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Air Force Special Operations Command, and Air Force Mobile Command, to save funds and use them for other needs.

I.T. Infrastructure Consolidation Contract

Medicare and Medicaid Services is a division of the Department of Health and Human Services in the United States of America. Central Medicare and Medicaid Services choose Lockheed Martin to consolidate its information technology (I.T.) infrastructure.

In addition to Medicare, Medicaid, and the State Children’s Health Program provide health care assurance programs for 75 million people. Lockheed Martin Corporation obtained a 7.5-year contract to support CMS’s I.T. and infrastructure.

CMS merged various agency contracts under the $401 million Consolidated I.T. Infrastructure Contract (CITIC). This unification will improve CMS’s I.T. infrastructure’s efficiency and effectiveness in satisfying business needs.

Lockheed Martin IT will operate the agency’s Woodlawn, MD data center and server and desktop platforms nationwide. The corporation will also manage, work, and maintain all voice, video, and data communications networks.

Professional Engineering Services (PES) GS 23F 0113N & GS 23F 0232K

Engineers in the federal government can take advantage of the PES multiple award schedule. Lockheed Martin has two PES contracts, the G.S. 23F 0113N and the G.S. 23F 0232K. Because of this contract, the company can provide various engineering disciplines like aerospace, chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical.

C-130J Sustainment Contract

One of Lockheed Martin’s government contracts for the C-130J mission sustainment support effort has been granted a $1,420,000,000 indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract. The C-130J aircraft fleet will be supported and maintained under this contract by a third-party logistics provider.

Air Force Life Cycle Management Center at Robins Air Force Base in Georgia granted an indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contract for C-130J Super Hercules sustainment support.

U.S. Army awards Javelin anti-tank contract

A total of $309 million in contracts for the manufacture of Javelin missiles and related equipment and services were recently given to the Javelin Joint Venture by the U.S. Army. International buyers, such as Norway, Albania, Latvia, and Thailand, have placed orders for more than 1300 Javelin missiles authorized by the latest Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act.

The Javelin Joint Venture, cooperation between Raytheon Missiles & Defense and Lockheed Martin, develops and produces Javelin. Up to 4 kilometers in standard operational settings, the anti-tank and multiple target guided missile system has a fire and forget capability.

Lockheed Martin as a prime contractor

To help small firms create new and creative technologies, Lockheed Martin has partnered with the Federal Government’s SBIR/STTR Program, which launched on September 20, 2017, to work with small enterprises.

How much does Lockheed Martin earn from the government?

There are more than $37.7 billion government subsidies for Lockheed Martin, the world’s most profitable defense contractor.

As of 2018, Lockheed Martin’s $53.7 billion revenue came primarily from government contracts. Legislators in Washington set aside this money to support the purchase of military equipment to preserve the country domestically and overseas.

As of 2021, Lockheed Martin’s net sales to the United States Government amounted to around 42.42 billion dollars. It represents a loss of almost $6 billion in U.S. dollars compared to the previous year.

Is Lockheed Martin the largest defense contractor?

Lockheed Martin is the world’s largest defense contractor, with $44.9 billion in arms sales revenue. Lockheed Martin Corporation has global interests in aerospace, defense, weaponry, security, and innovative technology. As the largest U.S. military contractor, 88% of Lockheed Martin’s revenue comes from DoD.

Lockheed Martin has four business segments: Aeronautics, Missiles and Fire Control, RMS, and Space. Lockheed Martin invests in health care, renewable energy, and compact nuclear fusion. Since 1995, Lockheed Martin has employed nearly 110,000 people. Lockheed Martin specializes in aeronautics, global security, space systems, defense, advanced technology, cyber security, innovation, rotary-wing, aerospace, energy, space exploration, military research, maritime systems, aviation, commercial aircraft, autonomous systems, C4ISR, STEM, engineering, and artificial intelligence.

At a projected USD 1.9 trillion in 2020, defense spending will rise by as much as 3 or 4 % due to the continued modernization and re-capitalization of military forces worldwide. According to the defense industry’s income, Lockheed Martin is the largest defense contractor worldwide.

With its headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland, Lockheed Martin Corporation has become the world’s largest DoD contractor.

Lockheed Martin’s contributions to the government

Lockheed Martin Corporation is a major American diversified firm specializing in aerospace products like airplanes, space launchers, satellites, defense systems, and other advanced-technology systems and services.

Half of the company’s annual sales are to the DoD. Lockheed Martin is a top contractor for the DOE and NASA. In 1995, Lockheed Corporation and Martin Marietta Corporation merged to become the company. The business makes fire-control systems, radars, and other aspects of the U.S. Navy’s Aegis Combat System, which tracks hostile targets and coordinates missile defense.

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