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Getting to Know Altamira's Leaders, Founders, Execs: Who Are They?

Getting to Know Altamira’s Leaders, Founders, Execs: Who Are They?

Altamira Technologies Corporation has been at the forefront of engineering innovative analytics and solutions for addressing complex national problems. The success of the company wouldn’t be possible without the genius and leadership of its executives.


In this article, you will be introduced to the leaders and executives responsible for poising Altamira Technologies as a successful solutions provider for the federal government.


Getting to Know Altamira’s Leaders, Founders, Execs: Who Are They?

Below is the rundown of the leaders and executives of Altamira Technologies Corporation.


Jane Chappell, Altamira Chief Executive Officer

Jane Chappell, Chief Executive Officer


Jane Chappel has taken the role of Altamira Technologies’ Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in 2021. For two years, she has shown exemplary leadership in running the company and ensuring it functions like a well-oiled machine. As CEO, she guarantees the smooth delivery of services to all of Altamira’s customers and expanded the firm’s capabilities for new customers and missions. 

Before Altamira Technologies, Ms. Chappel spent nearly 37 years at Raytheon Technologies. During her tenure, she honed her expertise in software engineering, strategic intelligence, and space and intel, leveraging these skills to fulfill her duties. Most recently, Jane Chappell served as Raytheon’s Vice President of Global Intelligence Solutions and served as a member of the Raytheon United Kingdom Board of Directors.



Adam Omar, Altamira Chief Financial Officer

Adam Omar, Chief Financial Officer


Adam Omar has been the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Altamira Technologies since 2020. In his current role, he oversees the company’s tax, treasury, accounting, finance, contracts, and compliance. He is a seasoned financial executive with over 20 years of experience in handling commercial, investment, and money management matters.

Mr. Omar also has extensive experience in business operations for global, services, and technology companies in commercial and government markets. Before joining Altamira, he served as the Chief Financial Officer at CyberCore Technologies. Earlier in his career, he took on different controller roles at SAIC, where he began his career in the finance landscape.

Blaine Worthington, Altamira Chief Operating Officer

Blaine Worthington, Chief Operating Officer


Blaine Worthington has been a vital part of Altamira Technologies’ leadership team since 2013. He began his career as Vice President, Air Force Intelligence Account Executive, and Program Manager for the Advanced Technical Exploitation (ATEP II) program. Mr. Worthington assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer in September 2019.

Today, B laine Worthington leads Altamira’s intelligence business operations and overall business results, a position ensuring that operational procedures are effectively carried out. He has been seminal to managing multi-million dollar acquisition programs, expanding and executing the company’s Department of Defense portfolio, and leading top-performing teams. Added to that, he helped expand Altamira’s office in Dayton, Ohio from housing 10 to 225 employees.

Jay Herbert, Altamira Senior Executive

Jay Hebert, Senior Executive


Jay Hebert is the current Senior Executive of Altamira Technologies, a position he took on in March 2023. He is responsible for integrating the Virginia Systems and Technology (VaST) Portfolio into Altamira’s operations and workflow. 

VaST was a company Herbert co-founded in 1999. Prior to his current position, he sat as President and CEO of VaST and was seminal in making the company an industry leader in dealing with high-end SIGINT and COMINT mission operations. Altamira Technologies acquired Virginia Systems and Technology in February 2023.


Zachary Jones, Altamira Chief Technology OfficerZachary Jones, Chief Technology Officer


Zachary Jones was previously a member of Virginia Systems and Technology (VaST) from November 2009 to March 2023. He served as the Director of Mission Engineering, spearheading the expansion and innovation of various engineering programs and teams.

After Altamira Technologies Corporation acquired Virginia Systems and Technology in 2023, Jones was appointed Chief Technology Officer (CTO). In the said role, he applies years of professional experience in the defense intelligence domain. Mr. Jones is committed to delivering government-based mission solutions that are accessible and versatile for different government hosting environments. 


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Richard Campos, Sr., Altamira Senior Vice President of Business DevelopmentRichard Campos, Sr., Senior Vice President of Business Development


Richard Campos Sr. has been the Senior Vice President of Business Development of Altamira Technologies since August 2021. He is a distinguished leader in the fields of business growing strategies and creating value for shareholders. Before becoming Altamira’s SVP for Business Development operations, he spent more than a decade at Raytheon Technologies.

Raytheon is where Mr. Campos leveraged his expertise in engineering and program management in fulfilling various directorship and management roles. He then ventured out and became a Consultant at Deloitte Inc. for a year, and eventually returned in 2008, honing his business strategy acumen.

Caroline McConnell, Altamira Chief Human Capital OfficerCaroline McConnell, Chief Human Capital Officer


Carolina McConnell has been the Chief Human Capital Officer of Altamira Technologies Corporation, serving since 2020. Her duties cover helping employees achieve personal and professional growth, developing and guiding the company’s talent management philosophy, and bolstering strategies for developing, acquiring, rewarding, and retaining talent.

Ms. McConnell leverages her 30-year experience in human resource management out of her previous HR roles. Prior to taking on Altamira’s human resources leadership role, she assumed directorships and vice-presidential roles specializing in human resources at ESP LLC, SAIC, MBH Settlement Group, and PSINet.



(Above executive photos from the official Altamira Technologies website)



Altamira Technologies: Architects of Innovative Capabilities


For 20 years and counting, Altamira Technologies Corporation has committed to creating technology-empowered multi-intelligence solutions and critical operations to propel crucial and urgent national security missions.

In order to deal with complex national predicaments, the company leverages common standards in data, architecture, and security. At the same time, it is taking advantage of collaboration, trust, and speed of adoption principles to lower its engagement costs and successfully advance innovative capabilities to its customers.


Altamira Technologies Corporation
Photo by sdecoret/Shutterstock

Altamira Technologies is a Virginia-based corporation specializing in analytic and engineering services and harnessing these capabilities to bolster the defense, intelligence, and national security spaces.

Founded in 1999, Altamira has developed solutions for the different defense and military agencies of the United States. The technology corporation is currently headquartered in McLean, Virginia, and is operated by its leaders, executives, and 500 employees.


Frequently Asked Questions


What services and solutions does Altamira Technologies offer?

Altamira Technologies offers a wide range of capabilities, including:


  • Advanced computing
  • Software engineering
  • Cyber operations
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Advanced analytics
  • Multi-intelligence analytics
  • Signals analysis
  • Intel analysis and reporting
  • Analytic systems architecture
  • National and tactical integration
  • Graph architecture and analysis


What missions does Altamira Technologies support?

Altamira Technologies Corporation supports various high-profile missions for the US Department of Air Force. These efforts fall under three categories: Space Domain Awareness, Intelligence Tradecraft, and National Missile Warning.


Who are Altamira Technologies’ prime clients?

Other than the United States Air Force, Altamira Technologies Corporation’s prime clients include the other divisions of the US Armed Forces and defense and intelligence agencies.


Altamira’s other clients include:

  • US Navy
  • US Army
  • US Space Force
  • National Security Agency (NSA)
  • National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)
  • National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC)


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