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The 2024 5G Forum: A Comprehensive Event Guide and Why You Should Attend

The 2024 5G Forum: A Comprehensive Event Guide and Why You Should Attend

The 2024 5G Forum is one of the Potomac Officers Club (POC) ‘s most auspicious and anticipated events. Happening on May 22, 2024, the summit will feature the most notable experts on 5G.


Read on and learn more about the 2024 5G Forum, why you should attend, and why you should invite friends and colleagues to join.


What is the 2024 5G Forum?


2024 5G Forum banner


The 2024 5G Forum is the Potomac Officers Club’s upcoming event on the impact of 5G connections and technologies on the government contracting industry. It is the fourth edition of the elite membership’s 5G summits.


It will take place on May 22, 2024, assembling speakers to highlight topics such as:


  • Advancing edge computing
  • Building smarter cities
  • Supporting CJADC2 efforts
  • Enhancing warfighter capabilities across all domains


Since the first 5G conference took place on January 7, 2021, POC has gathered the nation’s most esteemed experts on 5G capabilities and technologies. Their visions have been paramount to bolstering the government’s wireless infrastructures, securing confidential information, and ensuring seamless communication lines.


What are the highlights of the 2024 5G Forum?


The 2024 5G Forum is already one of the Potomac Officers Club’s most-awaited conferences this year.


Among the highlights of the summit are the keynote and panel speakers. POC tapped into two Office of the Secretary of Defense, Chief Information Officer executives, Lt. Col. Benjamin Pimentel and Kevin Mulvihill, as keynote speakers. 


Kevin Mulvihill, Deputy Chief Information Officer for Command, Control, and Communications (C3), will deliver the opening keynote address. At the same time, Lt. Col. Benjamin Pimentel, Technical Lead for Expeditionary & Tactical Programs FutureG, will give the closing keynote.


Another highlight of the 2024 5G Forum is its roster of speakers, including:


  • Arthur de Leon, CIO Director of Spectrum Policy, U.S. Department of the Navy
  • Bryan Schromsky, Associate Director of 5G Public Sector, Verizon Business
  • Christopher Yaw, Vice President of End-2-End Solutions, Ericsson Federal Technologies Group
  • Corinne Minton-Package, SVP Operational Technology and Engineering at V2X
  • David Simpson, Professor at Virginia Tech and CEO of Perolus LLC
  • Joseph “Joe” Pishock, DoD Accounts and Strategy and Senior Director of Business Development at OCEUS
  • Leland Brown, Federal Director and Principal Engineer for Military & Aerospace Advanced Communications, Capgemini Government Solutions


The 2024 5G Forum is sponsored by companies known for their innovative 5G capabilities to government contracting: Booz Allen, V2X, Capgemini, Ericsson, Oceus, and Verizon.


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Why should you attend the 2024 5G Forum?


Panel speakers at ExecutiveBiz’s 2023 5G Forum
Photo/ Alex Mangione


If you are a business owner planning to delve into 5G possibilities, outlined below are the reasons to attend the 2024 5G Forum.


Expand your networks


Summits are a fertile ground for small and large business owners to establish new networks and expand existing connections. At the 2024 5G Forum, attendees can forge new connections and build a network laser-focused on 5G technologies.


Moreover, attendees can interact with fledgling 5G entrepreneurs. Connections are vital to a business’s success and the further growth of the 5G domain.


Gain valuable knowledge on 5G


Attending the 2024 5G Forum entails gaining insights, knowledge, and fresh perspectives on advanced connections from the foremost leaders in 5G implementation for government missions.


Their insights are seminal to streamlining 5G offerings that cater to different customers’ requirements. Additionally, these discussions pave the way for future decision-makers to come up with innovative ideas that trailblaze next-generation wireless technologies.


Develop your confidence


The 2024 5G Forum serves as an ideal platform for developing confidence in striking up conversations among colleagues, potential partners, or customers. Panel sessions enable sharing of ideas with each other and questions on the most complex 5G matters.


By engaging with other participants, attendees develop their confidence in navigating 5G government contracting realms. It hones their leadership and communication skills, along with their expertise in 5G.


Enjoy delicious food and a pristine atmosphere


This is a bonus, but food is included in summits hosted by the Potomac Officers Club. Joining the event comes with meals and refreshments to energize attendees while listening to the panel and keynote speakers.


After the 2024 5G Forum’s closing keynote address, the speakers and participants are to be served a hearty lunch. This mealtime is the perfect time to interact with others, discuss their takeaways, and meet the speakers.


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5G Initiatives of the Government


5G Network Internet Mobile Wireless Business concept
Photo by Alexander Supertramp/ Shutterstock


5G has been a powerful tool to fulfill several missions of the government and private sector, such as:


  • Enhancing security
  • Establishing stabler connections
  • Empowering warfighter capabilities
  • Forging a more innovative and sustainable future 


DoD’s Adoption of 5G for Enhancing Warfighter Efforts


Among the notable 5G initiatives of the government is to accelerate the U.S. Department of Defense’s adoption of 5G networks in 2024. To enable this, the DoD is tapping into the 5G capabilities of private companies to enhance military training bases’ use of drones and augmented reality to train warfighters.


Leaders underscore that the DoD needs to adopt 5G private networks to achieve the high-level connectivity and bandwidth required to replicate real-world events and efficiently train modern warfighters.


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Senate-proposed Legislation to Enhance Wireless 5G Networks


Similarly, Republican Senators Ted Cruz and John Thune proposed legislation that would require government agencies to sell off their spectrum to bolster commercial wireless 5G networks.


Dubbed the “Spectrum Pipeline” bill, the legislation would require the Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) to identify a minimum of 2,500 megahertz of mid-band spectrum. Over the next five years, the spectrum would be reallocated from government use to private or shared use.


Additionally, the bill would require the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to auction approximately 2,000 megahertz of spectrum to power commercial 5G services within the next 9 years.


Senator Cruz highlighted that the U.S. government must establish a pipeline to expand commercial access to mid-band spectrum in order “to dominate in next-generation wireless technologies, stay ahead of our adversaries, and advance strong economic growth.”

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