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5 Reasons to Attend Potomac Officers Club Forums

5 Reasons to Attend Potomac Officers Club Forums

Potomac Officers Club is the premier government contracting events organization in the Capital region. It connects executives from across the industry, from big-name prestige brands to small, up-and-coming outfits. In recent years, Potomac Officers Club has evolved into a primarily summit-based company, holding large monthly conferences centered around important umbrella topics that encompass a number of focus areas — artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, the space domain, etc.

However, a less high-stakes yet still vital component of POC’s schedule are its forums. Usually lasting only a few hours (as opposed to summits’ all-day agendas), these approachable yet thorough events are perfect for going deep on a specific topic alongside peers who are uniquely suited to the same capabilities.

There are two POC forums in May: the first is the 2024 5G Forum, which will examine how the Department of Defense is utilizing 5G networks to broaden its accessibility and embolden its communications strategies. Register here for the May 22 event!

Below are five reasons you should attend POC forums.

Intimate scale

The manageable scope and size of forums are a crucial aspect: capped at around 100 people, this makes the networking sessions more navigable and greatly increases your chances of being able to speak one-on-one with the notable government speakers who deliver the keynote speeches and sit on panels at the forums.

Dissolving barriers

All Potomac Officers Club events are significant for their ability to heighten communication between the public and private sectors and establish the bridges that GovCon is predicated on. But POC forums do this particularly well due to their scale.

Laser-sharp focus

Rather than encompass a wide sweep of subject matter, POC forums hone in on one niche interest area. This means the discussions are unwavering in their purview and eschew broad generalizations. As a result, those in attendance are all there for a very similar reason and usually possess the same skill sets.

Esteemed participants

Potomac Officers Club events don’t allow service providers. You don’t have to worry about the person sitting next to you not being legitimate. These are all bona fide, career government services practitioners and leaders, often in senior roles.

Delicious food, pristine atmosphere

This is a bonus but nothing to turn up your nose at! Forums are almost always breakfast events and more often than not, they’re held at 2941 Restaurant, a scenic four-star eatery in Falls Church, Virginia. While you listen to the speakers, you’ll be served a scrumptious breakfast and refreshments that you won’t easily forget.

We hope to see you at a POC forum very soon!

The second forum in May is the Joint Coalition Operations in 2030 Forum, which will focus on the necessity of international partnerships in accomplishing the United States’ mission and assuring its security and stability. Register here for the May 30 event now!

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