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Weekly Top 10 (Week 10)

Wash100 Popular Vote Transforms Into Clash of the Titans—GovCon Royalty Goes Head-to-Head

In its 10th week, Executive Mosaic’s Wash100 popular vote race has officially become a clash of the titans — a race between executives from the powerhouse organizations at the forefront of the government contracting industry. The top 10 is comprised of leaders from influential enterprises like Google, Booz Allen Hamilton, the Department of Defense, Oracle and AT&T. Which of these heavy-hitters will muscle their way to a win? Only you can decide that.

The Wash100 Award, in case you’ve forgotten, is the GovCon’s industry’s highest honor. It distinguishes the great from the merely good — and predicts who will be the leaders of tomorrow within the sector. Recognizing both private and public change-makers, the Wash100 has been running for over a decade and is awarded based on metrics of innovation, vision, reliability and more.

The contest at hand — the popular vote race — occurs from the time of winners’ announcement in January through the end of April. It’s how readers, our audience and GovCon community members declare their designated favorite among the year’s inductees. Vote now if you haven’t!

This week, we saw a number of shocking vaults upward in only seven days’ time. Breaking through to the top five was Google Public Sector President Karen Dahut, launching from number seven to number four, securing the Internet Age giant’s place in the top five, at least for now. Also making bounds was AT&T’s Jill Singer, who ascended four spots from number nine to number five.

In terms of the top five, Booz Allen’s Judi Dotson is still holding on to the number one spot with a record-breaking 1,100-plus votes and IBM’s Susan Wedge is close behind her at number two, having also crossed the never-before-seen 1,000-vote threshold.

Hop-skotching a whopping six spots was last year’s contestant to beat, Carahsoft CEO and Founder Craig Abod, who climbed from 18 to 12 over the course of the week. Trailing him was newly instated head of Microsoft Federal Candice Ling, who leaped from number 19 to number 14 in a week.

Don’t forget about Nvidia’s Anthony Robbins, who rallied an impressive show of votes to catapult him up six spots to number 16 during the week. SAP NS2’s Harish Luthra similarly jumped from 26 to 19 in just one week.

While there are ingrained patterns and voting strongholds, nothing is decided yet and the race isn’t over until it’s over. Cast your 10 votes today — and tell your friends and family to do the same! Thanks for being a part of the Wash100 community!

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