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Lt. Gen. Dimitri Henry

Hear From Active Duty Marine Turned Intelligence Director at Upcoming Joint Forces Forum

With the U.S. fitting into a larger interconnected web of allies and mutually beneficial geopolitical relationships, anything the country does has ripple effects. Its maneuvers thus require negotiations with partners, which are enabled by technologies that are not just customized for one Department of Defense component, but accessible and usable by all parties.

Lt. Gen. Dimitri Henry, a career military leader who is now intelligence director for the J2 outfit at the Department of Defense, is pursuing tech that matches the international nature of the Pentagon’s daily work.

“The environment that we have now is a global environment. The players and actors in it span the globe and we need to be able to interact with all the other combatant commands, agency partners, and national partners from other nations,” Lt. Gen. Henry remarked at a conference just over a year ago, according to the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Lt. Gen. Henry will be the keynote speaker at the Potomac Officers Club’s Joint Coalition Operations in 2030 Forum on May 30. The breakfast event will be held from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. at 2941 Restaurant, a delicious 4-star eatery in Falls Church, Virginia. Register here!

The upcoming forum seeks to better understand data-sharing and analytics tactics of the joint forces and examine how data weaponization and algorithmic warfare could shift strategic posture from a focus on platform warfare to system-of-system warfare. It will also touch on zero trust, data-centric security and assess what future technologies would alter the playing field and give the U.S. and its allies an advantage.

Lt. Gen. Henry joined the Marine Corps over 40 years ago and served multiple active duty tours in Iraq. Prior to his current role, he was director of intelligence for U.S. Central Command.

Remarks from Lt. Gen. Henry will be followed by a panel discussion comprised of a mix of public and private sector experts on international coalitions, led by SAIC Chief Data Scientist and Managing Director of Artificial Intelligence Jay Meil.

SAIC is the platinum sponsor of the Joint Coalition Operations in 2030 Forum. Don’t miss this exclusive event, which, like all POC symposiums, is a prime opportunity for both networking and knowledge sharing. Save your spot here!

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