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New Potomac Officers Club Forum to Explore Tech & Cyber’s Impacts on Joint Forces, International Allies

The U.S. Department of Defense’s messaging on future fights has been clear: if a geopolitical conflict were to arise that necessitated American participation, the country would not go at it alone. Relationships with international allies are crucial today and looking into the future, which is why Potomac Officers Club is holding an event of utmost importance: the Joint Coalition Operations in 2030 Forum. The gathering is set for Thursday, May 30 from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. at 2941 Restaurant in Falls Church, Virginia. Registration is now open and limited seats remain!

The forum seeks to answer these pivotal, provocative questions:

  • How will our joint forces share data, perform analytics, maneuver and engage?
  • How will data weaponization and algorithmic warfare move the joint force from platform warfare to system-of-system warfare?
  • What will zero trust, data-centric security look like?
  • Sharing at the data level – how do we give the most important info to partners at the right time in the right circumstance?
  • What is future tech we wish we had that could be a game changer?
Lt. Gen. Dimitri Henry

To help lead the conversation, the forum will feature a keynote address from Lt. Gen. Dimitri Henry — director of intelligence for the Joint Staff (J2). Lt. Gen. Henry is a former active duty Marine and a lifelong servant of the U.S. military. He previously held roles like executive officer to the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and director of intelligence for the Marine Corps. This highly decorated service member brings a broad range of experience to the Potomac Officers Club stage.

Following Lt. Gen. Henry’s remarks, there will be an expert panel discussion between members of the government and military as well as the industrial base that will further drill down on the above questions.

Potomac Officers Club would like to thank platinum sponsor SAIC for endorsing and making this event possible.

Save a spot now at the Joint Coalitions Operations in 2030 Forum before it’s too late! POC forums are well known for their invaluable networking moments and Q&A opportunities. (Plus, venue 2941 Restaurant makes a killer breakfast spread.)

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