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5 Surprising Ways AI Is an Asset for GovCons

While many are weighing the risks involved with artificial intelligence technologies, these tools come with immense benefits — especially in the government contracting industry.

For GovCon organizations, AI can reduce complexity, deepen understanding of client needs and even increase probability of win rates, Unanet Vice President of Industry Marketing Kim Koster said in a Federal Times article.

Koster, who is also one of Executive Mosaic’s esteemed GovCon Experts, noted that AI can be especially helpful for small- and mid-sized contractors looking to compete with established and resource-deep giants in the field.

All of the most prominent GovCon companies — as well as the feisty up-and-comers — will be present at Potomac Officers Club’s 5th Annual AI Summit, where top government officials will give keynote addresses, participate in panels and start dialogues to foster a dynamic, AI-conscious community. Register here now; last year’s edition sold out quickly!

Below are some of AI’s biggest assets to GovCon, according to Koster:

  • Anticipate PWin

“Machine learning algorithms can even predict the probability of success for different projects.”

  • Simplify proposal process

“During the bid preparation process, AI can help GovCons interpret complex contracts, streamline functions, analyze large datasets, and predict optimal pricing strategies.”

  • Get to know the client better

“AI tools can produce immediately actionable insights into client behavior and preferences, allowing your teams to analyze client interaction data, engagement metrics, and market trends.”

  • Project outcomes are higher quality

“AI’s ability to automate clauses, project codes, task creation, and payment processing can lead to timelier decision-making and substantial improvements in overall efficiency.”

  • Cybersecurity is strengthened

“With intelligent threat-identification and other tools, AI can strengthen the security of a company’s IT infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities that need remedying and flagging potential attacks before they occur.”

Armed with a basic understanding of how AI can aid GovCons, now you should register to attend the 5th Annual AI Summit so you can find out why the government needs these tools and how you can use and help agencies implement them. Explore the event’s full line-up and schedule here.

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