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Dell Technologies’ Chris Thomas on Driving Government Digital Transformation With 5G

Chris Thomas, a technical strategist at Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL), said government agencies looking to combine their digital transformation initiatives into a single system should consider adopting 5G technology.

“With everything level-set architecturally to be cloud-native and containerized, 5G networks enable a common approach to managing data, and they also bring in a new capability for data sovereignty,” Thomas wrote in an article published on Carahsoft.com.

He cited how 5G helps agencies align networks with security, management and other policy activities, highlighted the importance of data analysis in real time and talked about how the technology facilitates the use of artificial intelligence and enables low-latency communications that could be key in edge computing.

“In addition, 5G technology helps create a dynamic system that boosts efficiency and eliminates many of the obstacles of the past,” he added.

Thomas stated that the company is developing products focused on 5G and zero trust, working on projects associated with neutral host networks.

He mentioned that 5G enables just-in-time access through Multi-Operator Radio Access Network, eSIM, end-to-end network slicing and other technical advances and how the technology can integrate with identity, credential and access management.

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