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Intel Labs-Led Team to Develop Tactical-Grade Clock Under DARPA Program

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has selected a team led by Intel‘s (Nasdaq: INTC) research arm to develop a tactical-grade clock with microsecond precision for positioning, navigation and timing.

Intel Labs will work with the University of Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon University and IS4S to create a size, weight and power-optimized clock that can maintain PNT precision for a week in a GPS-denied environment, Intel said Monday.

The team will use microelectromechanical systems oscillators and machine learning to design the ultra-small, low-power and military-grade clock to support communications, electronic warfare and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

Phase one of the DARPA H6 program began on April 12 to tackle clock dependence on temperature and SWaP reduction.

The second phase seeks to address clock aging throughout the tactical temperature environment and the succeeding phase will focus on demonstrating a fully integrated tactical-grade clock and deliver five clocks.

Intel Labs intends to apply its previous work on MEMS oscillators with Sandia National Laboratories to design the clock.

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