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JWCC Video Interview Series: Liz Martin of AWS on DOD’s Cloud-Enabled Future

The Department of Defense’s long-awaited enterprise cloud effort finally got off the ground in December 2022, when four commercial cloud service providers landed a spot on the $9 billion Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability contract.

Executive Mosaic spoke with leaders from each of the awardee companies — Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft and Oracle — to get a deeper understanding of what the JWCC contract means for the DOD and how each company plans to deliver on the contract.

In its latest installment of the JWCC video interview series, Executive Mosaic sat down with Liz Martin, director of the DOD business at AWS, to learn more about the transformational power of the cloud and how the JWCC contract will enable next-generation innovation across the defense landscape.

“The adoption of cloud technologies is critical for maintaining our military’s technological advantage, and JWCC will really enable the DOD to fully leverage the capabilities of the cloud to meet current and future mission initiatives,” Martin said in conversation with Executive Mosaic’s Summer Myatt.

“It provides the DOD with the opportunity to acquire cloud capabilities and services directly from the cloud service providers across all the security domains and classification levels from the enterprise all the way to the tactical edge,” she added.

Martin noted that JWCC will also be a key enabler in DOD initiatives like the Joint Warfighting All-Domain Command and Control effort and the Artificial Intelligence and Data Acceleration program.

Hear more from AWS’s Liz Martin on what the company brings to the table for this important contract — watch her full video interview here.

This video is part of Executive Mosaic’s interview series featuring all four JWCC winners. Check out what GoogleMicrosoft and Oracle added to the conversation, and subscribe to Executive Mosaic’s YouTube channel to stay up-to-date with the latest insights from GovCon’s leaders.

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