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Oracle’s James Donlon: Multicloud Deployment Calls for Agencies to Identify Needs, Providers’ Capabilities

James Donlon, director of solution engineering for government and education at Oracle (NYSE: ORCL), said government agencies looking to deploy a secure multicloud environment should consider their security needs, clearly identify their functional and business requirements and understand the capabilities that their cloud service providers offer.

Donlon wrote that agencies should look for industry partners that have a detailed understanding of the steps needed to secure authority to operate under the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program and those that adopt “standards-based, cloud-native approaches” to help them field across CSP platforms.

“Instead, working with partners that can evaluate solutions across multiple platforms will help agencies realize more value, and partners that have experience with multiple CSPs will help agencies map each critical workload to the right CSP,” he noted.

According to Donlon, agencies should embrace automation as they adopt multiple cloud services and “must continue to evaluate how each CSP facilitates interoperability between clouds and with systems that remain on premises.”

“A CSP’s built-in support for cross-cloud deployment, co-location facilities and network interconnects are just a few of the capabilities that will enable agencies to seamlessly embrace a multi-cloud environment.”

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