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Oracle’s James Donlon: Cloud-Based Automation Could Provide Agencies Visibility Into IT Infrastructure

James Donlon, director of solution engineering at Oracle (NYSE: ORCL), said government agencies that are moving to the cloud as part of their digital modernization efforts should adopt cloud-based tools that provide them security capabilities and visibility into their IT systems.

Donlon discussed how cloud-based automation could enable agencies to perform continuous monitoring of on-premises systems and multicloud environments to immediately detect and address security vulnerabilities.

Automation can also help agencies respond to one of the biggest security threats: keeping systems up-to-date. Unpatched systems are primary targets for hackers and represent the greatest threat of ransomware attacks or data breaches,” he wrote.

He explained how tools such as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Close Guard could provide agencies with the visibility needed to address security risks and how a platform like Oracle Data Safe helps administrators safeguard data.

Donlon called on agencies to work with cloud service providers that can offer cost-effective capabilities while ensuring security.

CSPs that provide built-in, automated monitoring and security will be in the best position to help those agencies succeed,” he added.

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