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John Heneghan, Stacey Dixon Threaten Upsets in 2023 Wash100 Popular Vote Contest

Wow — we are officially six weeks into the popular vote contest for the 2023 Wash100 Award. That’s just about half of the competition, which lasts from late January through the end of April. We have seen some thrilling developments thus far, the weekly totals alight with surprising comebacks and hairpin races. Before we dive into this week’s results, just to make sure everyone is familiar — the Wash100 is Executive Mosaic’s annual prize for the most prominent executives in government contracting and the U.S. government. It recognizes change-makers and the leaders of tomorrow, industry-besting talents that have amassed a wave of undeniably successful ventures in the last year and promise to eclipse their own achievements in the coming year.

2024 Wash100 Vote Now!

After EM spends a considerable part of the year proper evaluating who should receive the Wash100, winners are announced and the fun begins with the popular vote. Every person gets 10 votes to submit for their most beloved Wash100 winners. Choose wisely and enjoy the process!

Visit Wash100.com today if you haven’t yet participated in the competition. You have a say in who wins the honor of the most beloved GovCon executive.

This week, the individuals in the top four slots held on tightly to their positions. Carahsoft CEO Craig Abod remains the reigning champion to beat at number one, with Microsoft Federal President Rick Wagner and the same company’s Vice President of Defense Wes Anderson close behind at numbers two and three. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin flanked these private sector rockstars at a mighty number four. For the last month, this cohort has dominated the top of the ranking. Who might unseat them?

A potential answer is ECS President John Heneghan, who has been steadily climbing the list since his entrance at number seven just two weeks ago. Heneghan, a two-time consecutive Wash100 inductee, has now officially forged a path into the top five, sitting pretty currently at the number five slot. Can he overtake the hugely successful top four lineup? Only time will reveal that — and with the help of your vote, he may be able to.

Defense Health Agency Director Lt. Gen. Telita Crosland has never left the top 10 in the six weeks of voting, but she had drifted briefly to the latter part of the list. Now she’s potentially regaining some lost ground, moving up from number nine last week to number eight this week. Making the single biggest jump this week was Deputy Director of National Intelligence Stacey Dixon, a four-time consecutive Wash100 winner. She leapt from number 16 to number 12 after a similarly meteoric rise in last week’s results. Don’t be surprised if we see her shooting into the top 10 by this time next week.

Also making strides during the last week were Commander of U.S. Strategic Command and first-time Wash100 recipient Anthony Cotton, who steadily worked upward from number 19 to number 17, as well as Maxar Executive Vice President and General Manager of Public Sector Earth Intelligence Tony Frazier, a six-time Wash100 winner who secured the number 19 slot from his perch at number 20 last week.

If you want to read about more exciting developments in next week’s voting roundup, you have to vote. Voting makes change happen and could do a lot for your favorite executives. So don’t hesitate — cast your votes right now at Wash100.com and check this space next week for your next in-depth play-by-play.

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