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Amentum CEO John Heller Named to 2023 Wash100 for Advocating Tech Capability Advancement, Energy Efficiency Improvement

Executive Mosaic is honored to introduce Amentum CEO John Heller as a 2023 Wash100 awardee, marking his seventh selection to the annual list of significant government contracting industry growth contributors. Heller has been recognized for his leadership in advancing the development of technology capabilities in support of mission-critical customers and recognizing the importance of achieving energy efficiency in defense modernization efforts.

“John is quickly adapting to his new role as CEO and he brings with him a cogent plan to achieve continued success,” said Jim Garrettson, CEO of Executive Mosaic and creator of the Wash100 Award. “His vision and plan include growth, leadership, team building, synergies and enterprise transformation as the watchwords of his transformative energy,” Garrettson added.

Heller took the helm of Amentum in March 2022 after the completion of the acquisition of PAE and succeeded former CEO John Vollmer, a seven-time Wash100 awardee who is now chairman of Amentum’s board of directors.

As CEO, Heller oversees planning and directs the company’s operating activities while leading strategy and business growth, offerings development and emerging technology.

Following his appointment, Amentum named four industry executives to its senior leadership team in March: Patricia Munchel as chief people officer; Chico Moline as chief information officer; Charlie Mathis as chief financial officer; and Stuart Young as general counsel.

“I have great confidence in this leadership team, which will play a crucial role in Amentum’s future success as we take the next critical steps on the company’s journey,” said Heller. “We look forward to working together to integrate the companies and enhance Amentum’s capabilities that support our mission critical customers across defense and intelligence, environment and energy, civilian agencies and technology services.”

Amentum moved on to add GovCon industry veterans Roela Santos and Sean Mullen to its senior leadership team, naming Santos as senior vice president of marketing and communications and Mullen as executive VP of business development.

Heller said the appointment of Mullen and Santos will be key as the company works to utilize its portfolio of capabilities and strategic agility to meet the mission needs and address the modernization challenges facing the U.S. and its allies.

In 2022, Amentum booked a number of contracts, including a potential $100 million contract from the U.S. Navy to provide maintenance and logistics support services for the service’s aircraft, a $137 million contract to help the U.S. Air Force operate and maintain aerial targets, a $126 million contract task order to perform research, development, test and evaluation work in support of the U.S. Army combat systems modernization efforts and a potential $45 million task order with the U.S. Agency for International Development’s human assistance bureau.

Under Heller’s leadership, Amentum has demonstrated its continued commitment to creating meaningful and sustainable benefits for the military community.

In November, it was announced that Amentum secured the top spot in the largest company category of the 2023 Military Friendly Employers list in recognition of the contractor’s efforts to hire and retain retired service members.

“The value we place on military service is evident throughout our company and we are honored to have members of the military community on our team,” Heller said in a statement.

In October, he joined two other GovCon sector figures at a defense conference to share his insights on mergers and acquisitions and emerging technologies.

Heller offered his predictions for the GovCon sector in the near future amid the rapidly evolving landscape and stated that he expects to see a significantly increased focus on money for environmental and infrastructure improvements.

In a Dec. 8 opinion piece for Defense News, Heller highlighted the need for the government to recognize and make energy efficiency a key part of defense modernization initiatives amid the challenges posed by climate change and China.

For the energy grid, the chief executive called on the Department of Defense to “consider looking at large-scale, long-duration energy storage like massive battery banks or even something as advanced as hydrogen gas.”

He noted how the GovCon community could bring its value to the table regarding advancing energy efficiency.

“As an industry, we must play a key role as the interface that pushes advancement. Collaboration is the means; we can combine federal sector and private sector efforts to scale up and speed up the energy transition — drive advancements and turn prototypes into large-scale solutions.”

“With the increasing geopolitical pressures and our national security at risk, we can’t afford to leave potential energy efficiency and modernization solutions on the table. This is an ‘all hands on deck’ moment. Are we ready to make this a priority?”

Executive Mosaic congratulates John Heller and the Amentum team for their selection to receive this award.

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