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Video Interview: Valiant CEO Dan Corbett On The Next Generation of Military Training & Readiness

Much of our warfighters’ lethality, readiness and overall capability hinges upon the right training from day one. For providers of training to the U.S. military, new technologies, warfighting components and doctrines have shifted the entire training paradigm, prompting these providers to pursue more innovative service offerings than ever before.

Executive Mosaic spoke with Valiant Integrated Services CEO Dan Corbett to learn more about how his company is responding to changes across the defense landscape and to find out what our warfighters need to fight and win not only the competition of today, but the potential conflicts of tomorrow.

Of Valiant’s six core markets, its largest by far — with over 3,000 employees — is its training and readiness business. “We’re the number one provider of training services to the Army and Army National Guard,” Corbett said in Executive Mosaic’s latest video interview.

“We’re supporting the next generation of training equipment for the Army.”

One of Valiant’s main offerings is live, virtual and constructive training, which blends live platforms with manned simulators in virtual environments. This technologically-driven training method provides today’s warfighters with a more digitally immersive and realistic training experience.

“Technology insertion is a key item in everything that we do and everything we’re going to do going forward,” commented Corbett.

During the conversation, Corbett also shared the three key areas of readiness that Valiant focuses on in order to prepare warfighters for what could lie ahead as global defense continues to evolve.

First is “muscle memory” for service members. After the U.S. withdrew troops from Afghanistan in August 2021, “soldiers don’t get exposure to real-time situations,” Corbett said, highlighting the importance of continued training efforts and exercises.

The second component of readiness is modernization — with regard to both equipment and training — and the third key piece is developing agile leaders.

Watch Dan Corbett’s full video interview to get an inside look at Valiant’s entrance into the intelligence and analytics market and its burgeoning $100 million (and rapidly growing) business segment dedicated to the offering.

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