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Northrop GMLRS Rocket Motor for Army Moves Into Full Production

Northrop Grumman (NYSE: NOC) is set to manufacture a rocket motor at full capacity to power the U.S. Army’s Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System and fulfill capacity requirements under a production contract from GMLRS prime contractor Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT).

Lockheed’s final assembly facility in Camden, Arkansas, takes in missile rocket motors to carry out integration work, Northrop said Monday.

The surface-to-surface munition system is designed to help soldiers carry out indirect precision fires up to 70 kilometers to reach targets.

Lockheed recently accepted delivery of the 15,000th rocket motor and 20,000th warhead from Northrop to join the GMLRS final assembly line.

GMLRS design, development and manufacturing efforts occur inside a Northrop factory located at the Allegany Ballistics Laboratory in Rocket Center, West Virginia.

Lockheed awarded Northrop a full-rate production contract in September 2018 to deliver IM rocket motors that can perform under extreme conditions.

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