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Raytheon’s Venture Arm Invests in Autonomous Tech Developer EpiSci

The venture capital arm of Raytheon Technologies (NYSE: RTX) has invested in EpiSci to help the latter scale its Tactical AI platform and further develop autonomy technology systems.

RTX Ventures will offer guidance as EpiSci works to develop collaborative autonomy platforms demonstrate the implementation of a model-based autonomy architecture that could lead to the development of tactical autonomy systems that could be used across ground, maritime, air and space domains, Raytheon said Thursday.

As an early investor we plan to support EpiSci’s endeavors in creating a trust-based, collaborative environment between humans and AI-enabled machines,” said Daniel Ateya, managing director of RTX Ventures.

EpiSci’s Tactical AI is designed to learn the structure of the underlying environment and data via adaptive autonomous rule-based learning and the features of simulated, experimental and observational data either through reinforcement learning or deep learning. The platform could help engineers and developers build intelligent systems that could be naturally and autonomously trained using human inputs and data.

RTX Ventures supports businesses working on technologies that lie across four priority areas: autonomy and artificial intelligence; secure and connected ecosystems; precision sensing and effects; and power and propulsion systems.

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