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DIU, Army Select 2 Vendors for Ground Vehicle Autonomy Competition

The Defense Innovation Unit has awarded Kodiak Robotics and Applied Intuition an approximately $50 million contract to build and test software prototypes intended to help the U.S. Army automate future ground combat vehicles.

DIU said Tuesday the two companies were chosen for the Ground Vehicle Autonomous Pathways competition after a panel of Department of Defense subject matter experts assessed 33 proposals as part of the downselect process.

The agency’s partnership with Army is seeking software capable of allowing unmanned ground vehicles to perform reconnaissance and surveillance missions.

In separate announcements, Kodiak Robotics and Applied Intuition said the GVAP project’s competitive prototyping phase will span two years and is part of the Army’s Robotic Combat Vehicle program.

Applied Intuition will work to provide the service branch a foundational modeling and simulation platform to support the development and testing of software for future RCV variants.

Kodiak Robotics aims to help the Army implement an autonomous driving system on off-road vehicles that operate remotely in complex terrain.

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