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Confluent’s Jason Schick: Accessing Data in Real Time Could Help Transform Federal Customer Experience

Jason Schick, general manager of U.S. public sector business at Confluent (Nasdaq: CFLT), said government agencies looking to deliver responsive digital services to customers should adopt open source-based technologies that could help them capture and process data in real time.

Schick talked about an open source-based streaming capability called Apache Kafka and how it supports the company’s Confluent Platform, which he said “enables agencies to easily publish and access data as continuous, real-time streams.”

Agencies seeking to deliver more personalized customer experiences should keep in mind previous interactions with people that have been accessing government services or data.

“To elevate the quality of their service, agencies must be able to stream information in a low-friction way so different systems are consistent with one another and up-to-date at all times, regardless of the communication channel an individual uses,” Schick wrote.

He discussed how open source could provide agencies the capability to adopt a more nimble approach to customer experience and enable them to kick off initiatives on a small scale before making any considerable commitments in terms of political capital, money and time.

“In the real world, things are always moving, and the government needs to move quickly in response or even proactively,” Schick said.

“Therefore, it makes sense for data to be treated as though it’s in motion, too. Doing so will give agencies the ability to be more nimble when it comes to providing an outstanding customer experience,” he added.

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