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5 Key GovCon Leaders & Wash100 Award Winners Impart Invaluable Industry Advice

The current government contracting landscape is one marked by a variety of factors like heightened competition, talent shortages, immense opportunity and significant growth. 

To understand how executives can succeed most effectively, Executive Mosaic asked five key industry figures what advice they would impart to individuals pursuing growth in today’s competitive GovCon market.

In Executive Mosaic’s latest video, you’ll hear invaluable insights and timely advice from top GovCon leaders and Wash100 Award winners including Peraton CEO Stu Shea, AT&T’s Jill Singer, QinetiQ U.S. CEO Shawn Purvis, SAIC CEO Nazzic Keene and Constellis CEO Terry Ryan

Shea, Purvis and Keene all highlighted the importance of building up a robust, diverse network as GovCon executives seek growth opportunities, higher level roles and professional development.

“It’s really important that you build a network of trust and honesty and transparency and partnerships, and not get into hatred or competition,” Shea said.

Purvis encouraged GovCon executives to “actively maintain and nurture their networks. 

Building up this network “requires your attention, availability and assurance that it remains vibrant and connected in multiple domains,” Purvis shared.

Meanwhile, Jill Singer, vice president of defense and national security at AT&T, underscored the value of continuing one’s education in order to stay abreast of constant technology advancements and maintain relevance in the ever-evolving GovCon tech environment.

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