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Q&A With Verizon’s David Cerjan on Expanding Defense, National Security Footprint

David Cerjan, managing director of national security group at Verizon, was featured in a recent Executive Spotlight interview published Friday. He talked about transitioning from the military to the industry and how he now provides Verizon with broader perspective of defense and national security. The Q&A also focused on recent company growth initiatives and innovation across the federal sector.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Cerjan:

“Upon joining Verizon, there were a lot of questions on how we support the market. I began to learn the depth and breadth of our solutions, portfolio, and people to address those challenges. That’s been a huge aspect for me this last year with Verizon

The important thing is that we’re partnering alongside the government in the national security space. My perspective is if we’re selling a product or service and anyone who is a contractor, an integrator or vendor absolutely is doing that. I believe Verizon is building and strengthening our relationships and being able to deliver based on the requirements at hand.”

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