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Q&A With SAIC Business Development SVP Bruce Feldman Highlights Strategic Objectives, Digital Engineering Work

Bruce Feldman, senior vice president of business development at Science Applications International Corp., was featured in a recent Executive Spotlight interview published Wednesday. He talked about his strategic perspective and responsibilities as the business development lead for the company’s national security and space sector. The Q&A also centered on ensuring long-term success for SAIC employees and on the digital engineering work of the company.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Feldman:

“The ‘digital thread’ is really the infrastructure that enables you to move data between digital twin models made by different people in different places with different tool sets, in order to see how changing one component of a system affects the rest.

That’s a potential opportunity of great interest to SAIC. We see ourselves as the data architect, especially in the key areas of all domain command and control and space ground systems. Those two aspects in particular are where the digital thread becomes glue that holds all these capabilities together from a modeling and acquisition point of view, as well as in real-life operations.”

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