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Rubrik’s Jared Vichengrad: Cloud-Based Zero Trust Data Security Could Help Agencies Mitigate Data Intrusion Risks

Jared Vichengrad, vice president and head of state, local government and education at Rubrik, said government agencies that are moving to the cloud should come up with data protection plans and adopt zero trust data security to safeguard data from intrusions and quickly recover from cyberattacks.

Vichengrad wrote that such data protection plans should involve the modernization of data backup and recovery systems to enable agencies to immediately respond to ransomware attacks and other cyber incidents as well as restore access to data.

He noted that Rubrik’s zero trust data security offering could provide agencies protection against cyberhackers by tracking sensitive data and mitigating intrusion risks.

Vichengrad discussed the need for agencies to understand the importance of cybersecurity and its role in citizen experience.

He also cited the company’s partnership with Microsoft over zero trust data protection platforms on Microsoft Azure and the team’s commitment to government data protection while ensuring cloud security.

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