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Former Principal Deputy DNI Sue Gordon Says Attack Surface is Broadening & We’re Not Moving Quickly Enough

As the global intelligence landscape shifts and evolves, experts in the U.S. intelligence community are urging both public and private sector organizations alike to prioritize security before threats against our data, information, cyber assets and more become actual attacks with devastating consequences.

Sue Gordon, former principal deputy director of national intelligence and Wash100 Award winner, said the government is facing a broader range of threats than ever before, primarily due to the exponentially increasing troves of data federal agencies must now protect and the cyber capabilities our adversaries possess. 

“If you think about what the vulnerable attack surface is, national security is so much bigger than we even thought about five years ago,” she told a virtual audience at a recent GovCon Wire webinar.

Sue Gordon will be speaking in person at the Potomac Officers Club’s Intelligence: Integrating Mission Partners Through Data and Collaboration event on Oct. 4. Click here to register for your chance to hear Gordon’s remarks and to submit your questions for her Q&A session.

Gordon explained that national security now encompasses not only the classical components — weapons technology and sensitive information, for example — but also new components like biological and genomic data, healthcare data and other privately held data that might be interesting to our competitors and adversaries.

“There are people who are using the digital environment to advance their interests at the expense of ours, and there is no evidence that that desire is abating,” said Gordon. “I think we still haven’t adjusted to how fast things move in a digital world.”

Hear Sue Gordon speak on the importance of mission partners and industry collaborators in today’s intelligence missions at the Potomac Officers Club’s in-person event in Tysons, VA on Oct. 4. Register here.

CACI International, where Gordon serves as a member of the board of directors, is sponsoring the event.

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