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Google’s Andy Murphy: Agencies Should Keep Pace With Innovation Through Cloud

Andy Murphy, head of customer engineering for federal civilian agencies at Google, said government agencies looking to meet their modernization objectives, take advantage of new technical capabilities and accomplish their missions should adopt cloud computing technologies.

“Cloud providers can often develop and release a new feature or service long before an agency would be able to procure the appropriate infrastructure, develop the software, receive an authority to operate and implement production,” Murphy wrote.

“Furthermore, this frees an agency to focus more of their time on public interactions and services rather than spending time on the underlying infrastructure,” he added.

Murphy discussed how public cloud services could provide agencies “unprecedented scale and speed” when it comes to ingesting and analyzing petabytes of data in order to generate insights and make data-driven decisions.

He mentioned BigQuery and how this Google Cloud’s multicloud data warehouse could enable agencies to store and analyze large data volumes without the need to manage the underlying infrastructure.

Murphy also discussed Google Cloud’s use of open-source tools and interfaces and the company’s Kubernetes-based application management platform, Anthos.

“Google created Kubernetes to run on whichever on premise or cloud infrastructure our customers prefer and give users an automated, fully-managed, single control plane for orchestrating and operating all of their containerized applications,” he added.

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