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Video Interview: Cloudera’s Rob Carey on Government Cloud & Data Milestones

In the last decade, the federal government has made significant strides in its efforts to harness the power of data and use it to drive decisions. Data has previously been used in the government space as a micro resource that could be used to solve tactical problems. But now, agencies are leveraging their massive amounts of data to solve problems at the enterprise level.

“There’s been a tremendous movement in the ability to actually manage and utilize data as a strategic asset in the last ten years,” said Rob Carey, president of Cloudera Government Solutions, in a recent video interview with Executive Mosaic. 

A key component in this movement is the development of the cloud. Carey previously served as principal deputy chief information officer for the Department of Defense, and during his tenure, he oversaw the development of the first ever cloud strategy. Since his time in government, cloud technology has come a long way and has been instrumental in propelling federal agencies into the modern era.

“Cloud has provided the basis of digital transformation of the federal government,” Carey explained. “Cloud has been that fundamental change agent in government.”

Carey also provided insightful advice for those looking to succeed in the ever-changing government contracting market.

“Focus on mission,” he shared. “The focus on the mission of the government agency you’re trying to support is really utmost and important.”

To watch Rob Carey’s full video interview, visit ExecutiveMosaic.com, where you can also view videos of our previous interview participants.

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