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Q&A With Jacobs Critical Mission Solutions CFO Dawn Pinto on Strategic Goals, Recruitment & Business Innovation

In the most recent Executive Spotlight interview, ExecutiveBiz spoke with Dawn Pinto, chief financial officer for Critical Mission Solutions with Jacobs, to discuss her reasons for joining the company and her strategic goals. She also shared Jacobs’ efforts to recruit and retain talent in the federal landscape and the challenges facing the business side of innovation.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Pinto about Jacobs’ initiatives to further support its customers:

“Like our customers, internally Jacobs faces data overload, especially in the financial world and we need to figure out how to collect all this data, and leverage it to make decisions internally and for our customers.

With Divergent Solutions coming into the fold, that will really drive and focus our innovation and technology which can be leveraged company-wide.  We are going to be able to have the resources and leverage them to be faster and provide a more comprehensive solution than our competitor.”

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