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Q&A With Axient EVP and CGO Dan Deans Tackles Company Growth Efforts, Goals

In the most recent Executive Spotlight interview, ExecutiveBiz spoke with Dan Deans, executive vice president and chief growth officer at Axient, to talk about the company’s growth initiatives including its creation of five customer-focused business segments. The Q&A also tackled Axient’s target of eclipsing $600 million in annual revenue this year as well as its focus on helping the greater community.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Dan Deans:

“In our growth department, we have been able to capitalize on building a team with depth and breadth to capture and propose more large, prime bids that provide even more large-scale solutions to our customers than we were before as four separate entities. We value each and every Axient employee, and each employee understands they are part of the team and growth trajectory here at Axient.

For our overall focus of growth, we organized the new enterprise into five distinct, customer-focused business segments that ensured focus on the customers we already had while providing the ability to target adjacent markets with similar customer sets and requirements.  We also worked extremely hard to maintain our culture and ensure the processes put in place drove our growth efforts as we moved forward.”

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