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Q&A With Altamira Business Development SVP Richard Campos Tackles Company Growth Initiatives

ExecutiveBiz featured Richard Campos, senior vice president of business development at Altamira, in a recent Executive Spotlight interview published Monday. He discussed the core values of Altamira’s culture and the recent growth initiatives to drive the company into new markets. The Q&A also focused on Campos’ move to Altamira in August as well as the impact he has made in his first year with the company.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Campos about recent and future growth initiatives for Altamira:

“At Altamira, we like the domains that we are in – space and cyber. We are proud of our technical capabilities in full stack software development, analytics, data science and visualization. We like the missions we currently support.

Going forward, we would like to grow to the left and right of where our current missions begin and end. In addition to this organic growth, we are looking at potential niche inorganic growth to round out our portfolio.”

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