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RedHorse CEO John Zangardi Receives His 1st Wash100 Award From Executive Mosaic CEO Jim Garrettson

John Zangardi, CEO of the Redhorse Corp. and former chief information officer for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), was presented his first Wash100 Award during a recent visit to the company’s office in Arlington, VA by Executive Mosaic CEO Jim Garrettson.

First-time Wash100 Award winner John Zangardi received the most prestigious award in all of government contracting (GovCon) from Executive Mosaic to recognize his extensive history of more than 30 years of service within the federal government as well as his notable contributions in the private sector and his potential future impacts in his role at the helm of Redhorse Corp.

“John Zangardi has consistently, over his career, demonstrated a ‘high-altitude’ perspective and capability for seeing the big picture,” Jim Garrettson commented. “Whether he was acting as a squadron commander for the U.S. Navy or presidentially appointed CIO of DHS, acting CIO of DoD or now as CEO of Redhorse, John is clearly, for those who know him, the consummate big picture guy.”

During a recent feature article from Zangardi, he discussed the importance of zero-trust architecture to maximize cybersecurity funding for the federal government as well as how the most significant emerging threats are impacting the civilian side of the business and industry in absolutely critical areas such as the electric, oil/pipeline and water sectors.

Zangardi explained that implementing C2C is a means to continue to identify and control access for all endpoints connecting to the network, which makes a comprehensive zero-trust architecture achievable.

In an exclusive video interview with Executive Mosaic, Zangardi also discussed the impending challenges involved with the language of cybersecurity as well as the the reputational implications of cyber attacks and the dangers of “putting all your eggs in one basket” with a singular cybersecurity vendor or service provider.

Watch the full video interview with Redhorse’s John Zangardi and hear insights from our previous interview participants at ExecutiveMosaic.com.

Executive Mosaic is proud to recognize Redhorse and John Zangardi for being named a 2022 Wash100 Award recipient and a first-time winner of the highest honor in government contracting that recognizes the elite executives in our industry who are anticipated to make the most critical contributions to the GovCon sector in the coming year.

“Having served in a mosaic of various positions in government and in the private sector, John possesses a keen ability to assess and relate as a leader across vast organizational layers of technology,” Garrettson continued. “Based on John’s consistent history of achievement, leadership, broad intellectual aperture and extensive experience, John’s CEO role at Redhorse is the horse to bet on in 2022.”

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