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SSA Prioritizing Digital Modernization Ahead of Planned Reopen

The Social Security Administration is harnessing advanced technology to enhance the user experience for its 70 million beneficiaries and drive modernization as the agency prepares to reopen its doors to the public.

SSA Chief Information Officer Sean Brune said one of the main focus points leading the agency’s next phase of digital modernization is streamlining and optimizing the way the public accesses the critical services SSA offers.

“Ultimately, our vision is to reimagine our business practices and leverage modern technology to reduce the burden for accessing Social Security benefits and services,” Brune said in a Govcast episode. “People should wait less in line, or on the phone, for an answer, and they should be able to find information conveniently at the time of their choosing.”

Brune added that part of this digital transformation process includes reducing or eliminating the agency’s policy elements that require users to visit in person and enabling more widespread digital access instead. “We’re also going to look at reducing the need for presentation of hard copies of documents,” he noted.

Of the agency’s technology innovations, Brune commented, “Recently, we’ve implanted things like robotics processing information, artificial intelligence for big data analysis … in the last couple of years, as the nation and the world have adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve adopted technology broadly.”

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