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TSA Orders $781M in Analogic-Built Passenger Item Scanners; David Pekoske Quoted

Analogic Corp. has received two orders worth $781.2 million combined to supply the Transportation Security Administration with equipment for passenger item screening at airport checkpoints.

TSA said Friday it ordered 938 base and full-size computed topography x-ray machines from Analogic and expects the supplier to begin deploying the systems in the summer.

The company is currently installing midsize CT scanners at the agency’s checkpoint areas nationwide as part of a $198 million initial contract awarded in August 2021.

David Pekoske, TSA’s administrator, said the agency aims to help frontline officers screen carry-on items for and improve passenger experience as their bags undergo the security process.

CT scanners use sophisticated algorithms and create 3D images to identify prohibited items, such as weapons and explosives, TSA noted. The agency added that full-sized versions of the system provide fully automated screening lanes with features for bin return, high threat containment and parallel divestiture.

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