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Salesforce’s Tahera Zamanzada: Agencies Should Reconcile Processes, Tech to Hire, Retain Tech Talent

Tahera Zamanzada, a principal for digital strategy at Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), said government agencies seeking to recruit and employ tech-savvy workers should evaluate and reconcile their recruiting processes and technology tools, provide employees with opportunities to acquire technical skills and implement policies to “create a welcoming environment for diverse representation.”

“Agencies can foster an eagerness for learning by encouraging employees to gain new skills and expertise that enable them to expand their career horizons, further the agency mission and benefit the end user,” Zamanzada wrote.

She noted that agencies could provide employees with resources that could help them learn about new technologies to meet business requirements and time to secure certifications on new software and other technology platforms.

Zamanzada discussed how fellowship and leadership development programs could enable agencies to provide their employees with an opportunity to gain practical experience and how artificial intelligence can be used to analyze the needs and wants of employees and redefine service delivery.

She highlighted the need to address biases and other obstacles that keep women from entering into the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

“To keep women in government, agencies should provide mentoring opportunities for women to connect with other successful women in government and in partner industries. Male support in tackling this inequality is also key,” Zamanzada added.

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