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Executive Spotlight: Presidio Federal’s Lauren Johns on Open Communication, CMMI Certification Pursuit

Lauren Johns, senior vice president of finance and treasurer at Presidio’s federal subsidiary, caught up with ExecutiveBiz to overview the company’s approach to promote open communication in the workplace and a priority framework her team is using to carry out its mission.

“We figured out what components of our business should be underneath finance, which tends to touch every line of business. We reevaluated and restructured everything that wasn’t working. We improved everything we could to become as efficient as possible. It’s about making our employees happy, developing a direct line to me and the rest of the senior leadership team,” Johns said in the Executive Spotlight interview.

She noted in the Q&A session that the company expects to complete the Capability Maturity Model Integration Maturity Level 3 appraisal by the end of the quarter.

“Presidio Federal has been learning and mastering the documentation and organizational processes required so that we are prepared for that independent assessment.”

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