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Baird Managing Director Jean Stack Named to 2022 Wash100 for Company Growth; Driving M&A Activity

Executive Mosaic is thrilled to introduce Jean Stack, managing director for Baird, as a winner of the 2022 Wash100 Award, the most respected award in all of government contracting (GovCon), for her leadership and success to drive significant company growth as well as more than $7 billion in M&A activity deals across the GovCon sector and federal landscape.

Executive Mosaic is pleased to recognize Stack as a two-time Wash100 Award recipient. Visit Wash100.com to cast a vote for Baird’s Jean Stack as one of your TEN votes to advocate for your favorite leaders who drive growth at the intersection of public and private sectors.

“Jean Stack is on the contact list of every key CEO and CFO in the government contracting industry. Jean is the consummate networker among the elite financial GovCon executives and proves it each year with Baird’s annual top-shelf Government & Defense Conference at the Ritz,” said Jim Garrettson, founder and CEO of Executive Mosaic and creator of the Wash100.

“Jean and her team have scored an impressive list of major deals this past year with Carlyle, Novetta, CNSI, SAIC, Salient CRGT, Accenture Federal, Government CIO and others. We recognize Jean not just for having another great year but also because we expect an even stronger year in 2022.”

“My advice — if Jean is not on your active contact list, you need to update it,” Garrettson quipped.

During the long-awaited and highly anticipated 2021 Government & Defense Conference back in November, 2021 Wash100 Award recipient and fellow Baird Managing Director John Song emphasized that the company has become a $2.3 billion financial institution with more than 60 transactions that have combined more than 15 billion dollars in transactions, which gives Baird the highest close rate in the industry.

Stack also stated during her remarks that Baird’s provides keen market insights into the federal landscape with significant M&A activity, which includes 28 deals the company has been involved with since January 2020.

Her leadership and vision for the future of our industry has led Baird to lead some of the most gargantuan M&A deals of the last year, including Carlyle’s acquisition of CNSI back in December 2021. Baird has also been involved as an advisor in the deals for Trusted Concepts to be acquired by Six Technologies as well as GovernmentCIO buying Salient CRGT back in July and Parsons acquisition of BlackHorse Solutions.

Most notably, Baird was instrumental in Accenture Federal Services acquiring Novetta back in June. It’s also important to mention Baird’s role in SAIC acquiring Halfaker and Associates as well. Baird said its government and defense team has helped close $7.7 billion since January 2020.

In addition to speaking on Baird’s record shattering year for M&A Activity, Jean Stack also took the time during her speech at the conference to discuss the drive for growth and value that federal organizations are making towards 2025 as the U.S. fights to retain its global superiority in a lot of key areas, including space technology and other technical areas.

“These are what companies are talking about by way of how they want to execute on their M&A strategy,” said Stack. “Whether it be digital transformation, public health, data analytics, space, autonomy, electronic warfare and cybersecurity, these are the buzzwords of the day as our business models continue to evolve and technology and innovation drive our business forward.”

As one of the hosts of Baird’s Government & Defense Conference back in November 2021, Stack also took part in as a moderator during the fireside chat featuring EverWatch CEO John Hillen and others. The annual best-in-class conference also featured GovCon Expert Jim McAleese and fellow 2022 Wash100 Award winners such as BlueHalo CEO Jonathan Moneymaker, LMI CEO Doug Wagoner, Parsons CEO Carey Smith, Byron Bright, president of government services for KBR, and more.

Previously, Jean Stack had received her first Wash100 Award win back in 2019 for her leadership and experience providing technology and professional services to federal agencies.

Executive Mosaic is proud to recognize Baird and Jean Stack for receiving a 2022 Wash100 Award recipient. As a repeat winner of the most coveted award in GovCon, Stack has demonstrated a level of success and recognition that can only be recognized by the Wash100 Award and the GovCon community.

Visit Wash100.com to vote for Jean Stack and who you believe deserves the recognition as the most significant leader to the GovCon community and federal landscape.

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