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Virgin Orbit Invests in Satellite Imagery Provider Hypersat

Virgin Orbit has purchased a 17.5 percent stake in hyperspectral satellite imaging company Hypersat in a move to expand the California-headquartered launch services provider’s space business.

California-based Virgin Orbit said Wednesday it made the investment to provide critical information to customers for use in various missions such as defense, energy and agriculture.

Hypersat aims to provide imagery and geospatial analytics support to both public and private sector decisionmakers.

The two companies teamed up in April to deploy a series of six low Earth orbit satellites that will be developed by a QinetiQ-lead industry team to capture and process images.

“By providing our customers with more responsive Earth observational data, we’re expanding the ability to better understand the planet, to make more efficient use of our natural resources, and to be better prepared to respond to crises,” said Jim Simpson, chief strategy officer of Virgin Orbit.

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