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Information Analysis Restructures Government Segment

Fairfax, Virginia-based Information Analysis Inc. (Nasdaq: IAIC) will combine its professional services business with Tellenger, an IAI subsidiary that offers information technology consulting and software development services to the federal sector.

The reorganization initiative will provide Tellenger its own advisory board, which IAI President Stan Reese with spearhead with Charles May, a retired Air Force lieutenant general, the company said Friday.

Reese briefly held both the CEO and president roles earlier this year and previously worked as chief operating officer for two decades.

May, who works as a national security consultant, served as USAF’s assistant vice chief of staff prior to his retirement from military service in 1992.

IAI added that the move opens two slots on IAI’s main board of directors, which Flywheel Digital co-founder James DiPaula and former naval intelligence officer Paul Becker will join to fill the vacancy.

DiPaula brings digital marketing expertise, having co-founded a digital advertising company that worked with Amazon‘s (NYSE: AMZN) e-commerce business.

Becker, who was the director of intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, contributed more than 30 years to the Navy before he retired with the rank of rear admiral. He founded Becker T3 Group, which provides services in the areas of cybersecurity, global risk management and business intelligence.

Virginia-based IAI offers software conversion, security and modernization products and services.

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