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Executive Spotlight With Booz Allen SVP Cedric Sims Highlights DHS’ new Cyber Talent Management System, Cybersecurity Challenges, Responsible AI

Cedric Sims, a senior vice president with Booz Allen Hamilton, was featured in the most recent Executive Spotlight interview with ExecutiveBiz on Monday. He talked about the challenges the Department of Homeland Security is experiencing in the cybersecurity space, DHS’ new Cyber Talent Management System, artificial intelligence-related national policies and privacy and ethical standards, as well as the company’s work with customers to address their public service missions.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Sims discussing AI:

“The whole construct around responsible AI is a key thing that we’re looking at within Booz Allen Hamilton; to understand how it impacts the fabric of an organization… If we really want to have an impact and be able to guide AI to its best application, we should address specific use cases. And then, look and see what kind of governance, regulation, and policy will help us put boundaries that provide the intended protection for the best use in the ethical application of AI.”

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